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Mothers Wax Attack 65WA12212

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WAX ATTACK Cordless Polishing Buffing Kit


The Wax Attack 14.4V Portable Polisher is an easy-to-use, organised, portable car waxing kit ideal to use for the smooth and even application of wax to your car’s exterior.

The polisher device runs at 3600 rpm without load making it effective at removing light surface scratches and defects and for applying two coats  of wax on just one battery charge. The random, orbital action ensures no swirls are left on the treated surface.

The cordless design means easy tangle free use of the polisher throughout it’s movements.

The integrated carry-case handle makes it ideal for people on the move and it is compact enough for boot storage. The palm polishing device makes automatic wax application easy, removing the usual hassle of exhaustive manual labouring. So light it can be used with one hand if preferred, or two for ultimate control.

Mothers Wax Attack Lithium Polisher and Wax applicator now features a 14.4V fast charge lithium battery.

The fast charging Lithium battery is ready to go in 45 minutes whilst you wash and prepare your car.

Upgraded 300W motor, sleek black finish, random Orbital Action, Professional swirl free finish Will not burn or mar your painted automotive surfaces. Uses less wax with greater results and protects in minutes.

Upgraded to include Mothers® California Gold® Synthetic Wax

Polishing your car, boat and motorhome is now a whole lot simpler, perfect professional results first time, every time!

Kit Includes:

1 X Lightweight Portable Polisher
1 X 14.4V fast Charging Lithium Battery
1 X Battery Charger
1 X Applicator Pad
1 x Mothers® California Gold Car Wash 473ml
2 x MLH® Microfibre Polishing Cloths
1 x Mothers® California Gold Synthetic Wax 473ml
2 x Grey Anti-Splatter Foam Applicator Pads
1 x Car Care Instructional DVD featuring Mothers, MLH.

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2 year manufacturer replacement warranty

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