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NGK Spark Plugs For Your Car Engine

Your spark plugs are an integral part of your car’s engine, igniting the air-fuel mixture within the cylinders and keeping the vehicle moving. To avoid problems with the engine, it’s vital to keep them in top shape with regular servicing, cleaning and changing when required.

Signs there may be wearing or damage to your spark plugs include:

  • Your car is struggling to start and/or accelerate
  • Your car is consuming too much fuel
  • The engine has a rough idle
  • The engine is misfiring
  • The engine is surging

CarBitz stocks a huge range of NGK spark plugs to suit a wide variety of vehicles and applications – including the IFR6T11 and LTR6AP11 *suitable for popular models.

NGK spark plugs are manufactured using the latest techniques and are backed by extensive research, guaranteeing high-performance, impressive quality and exceptional reliability. With over 70 years of experience in the industry, NGK are a global leader in spark plug manufacturing and technology. You can rest assured that all NGK spark plugs have been engineered to perform to the highest standards.

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