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Drive Belts

CarBitz stocks a wide range of drive belts and associated products from leading brands including Bando and Dayco. The drive belt (sometimes called the ‘serpentine belt’) is responsible for transporting power to vital vehicle components. It also keeps your alternator, air conditioner, power steering and water pump running smoothly.

Serpentine belts are incredibly durable and can perform for an average of between 96,000 and 160,000 kilometres However, it’s important to have your car regularly checked to ensure the belt is in top shape and performing as it should be. Belts can become worn, frayed, cracked or ‘glazed’, leading to slipping, a squealing sound, misalignment, contamination by fluid, and snapping. Worn and broken belts need to be replaced immediately so your car can run.

CarBitz stocks Bando and Dayco drive belts for a number of vehicle makes and models. Dayco is a global leader in the research, design, manufacturing and distribution of world-class auto products. Built to deliver strength, stability and reliability, Dayco drive belts deliver high-quality and long-lasting performance for a range of applications.

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